About the company

Kionux this market for over ten years, its experience allows us to develop products with a high level of technology and security. Utilizing more modern tools on the market to provide customers with bold and current designer websites with functionality and security. Working with SEO techniques, by optimizing source codes and making your site more friendly to search engine spiders and robots.

Work process

  • Research

    The work I developed with Kionux was redesign aimed at its market in advising linux servers and web application services. The work was based on current market research and information needs.

  • Wireframing

    I created wireframes to share the vision unsing UXPin, UX design principles and content strategy.

    Tools used:
    Google Docs

  • UI Design

    I created interfaces using the company brand colors and I created some simulations for Desktop, Tablet and mobile in InVision.

    Tools used:
    Sketch App
    Adobe Photoshop

  • Prototyping

    The prototype had a hard time working on Front End, considering that my clients would use their own CMS. The project was based on HTML5, CSS3, Php and Bootstrap for development.
    I also developed a simple system for SEO and for interaction facilities with social networks using Open Graph.

    Tools used:
    Bootstrap 4
    Open Graph